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Minutes- Band Parent Meeting




Mr. Sitomer welcomed everyone and called to order at approximately 6:45pm.

Secretary's Report

Mr. Sitomer read the minutes from last meeting as recorded by Secretary Theresa Clack.

The minutes were accepted as read.

Treasurer's Report

There was a bank account opened in Theresa Cook's and Marty Goins's names to secure band funds.  There are no fees associated with the account.

Treasurer Cook reported the current funds from various events with a total of about $1560 raised without counting fundraising candy.

Director's Report

Mr. Sitomer reported that he is still receiving compliments from previous performances, and that the Winter Concert was a very successful event.  The Jazz Ensemble already has another performance lined up.  Mr. Sitomer asked for input pertaining to the concert.  We agreed that the new venue of the band building was successful, however there needs to be an improvement made in terms of amplification.


New Business

Cinnabon fundraiser was so successful that we will run it again in January.  Mrs. Cash to run fundraiser again.

Spring Trip deposit has been sent in the amount of $5000.  Next deposit will be due in January.

Car Wash at Direct Buy scheduled for Apr 12th with rain date of Apr 26th.


Open Floor

Mr. Sitomer requested to go ahead with first big purchase of a new drum set for the band.  All present were in agreement.

Sonya Shuler brought up opportunity to be sponsored by Channel 7 through a connection she has with the network, possibly involving a TV spot.  Will follow up.

Robert Chittams (student) brought idea of a "cook off" fundraiser to the floor.  A student committee will spearhead this idea.

Theresa Cook and Rosetta Crawley are drafting a letter to gain sponsors for the Spring Trip.

Angela Addo expressed concern for the way candy funds are being managed and appropriated.  There will be a candy money update at next meeting from Mr. Sitomer.

Mr. Sitomer brought up the cost of school busses for previous events, an unknown expense that has been placed on the band account.  Will follow up next meeting with official policy for school busses provided by finance officer.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.